Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Handcrafted Jewellery - Trendy, Unique and Striking

There is always an increasing demand for fashionable jewelries among the people because they are not just a better investment but fashionable wear too. According to a recent survey, nearly 80% of the gold worldwide is used for making jewellery. As the demand for jewellery is rising steeply, demand for precious metals such as gold and silver is also increasing worldwide.

When it's up to jewellery, people have different perspective; some prefer classic models while some look for trendy ones. To satisfy the expectation of people, jewellery manufacturers are designing various types of handcrafted jewelries that are unique in design, outlook, price, pattern, color and more. Handcrafted jewelries are preferred by a large number of people due to unique and stylish outlook.

Among the different types of jewelries, handcrafted silver jewellery have some distinct traits that mark them apart from other fashion wears. Silver metal is renowned for its durable, shiny and elegant nature. When silver metal is used to produce classic and trendy handcrafted jewels, it gets unique and attractive. Nowadays, fingerprint jewellery is becoming more and more popular due to its fingerprint models that are not just fashionable but memorable one too.

Usually, silver fingerprint jewellery is produced after capturing a child's or adult's fingerprint. Since, it reminds people about their dear ones they are preferred by many people. People also offer fingerprint jewelries as a gift to dear ones. Fingerprint jewelries are available in a wide range of form including necklaces, keyrings, bracelets, charms, cufflinks, cluster necklace and much more.

Baby fingerprint jewellery can remind the parents about their baby's presence when they are away from the home. Fingerprint jewellery are made of 99.9% silver and completely handcrafted to get a better finish. Like fingerprint jewellery, there are different types of classic and trendy handcrafted jewelries that have been impressing people from ancient days.

Some popular types of handcrafted jewelries are listed below:

Fabricated jewellery:

Fabricated jewelries are sleek and simple and offer an elegant look. They are made of metals and handcrafted using tools to get a perfect shape. Changing the shape of the metal is usually done by hammering and heating.

Beadwork jewellery:

These are the simplest form of handcrafted jewelries that are simple, unique and affordable. Since, it requires less time and cheap materials, they are inexpensive than other types of handcrafted jewelries.

Hand stamped jewellery:

It is usually a blank piece of metal that is stamped with designs and letters to create a unique custom jewellery piece. Like fingerprint jewellery, hand stamped jewellery are also incorporate names of dear ones.


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