Sunday, August 7, 2011

Your Jewelry Business' Sales, Production and Storage Areas

All jewelry makers and designers are spending most of their working time in their workshop or bead studio. This is also called their production area. The set up and design of your production area can greatly contribute to your self satisfaction of producing your crafts in it.

The number one rule of any business is maintaining low overhead, and this is especially true when you are just beginning your jewelry making business. Operating your business from home will not only help you save some money. It can also free you from having a long list of liabilities and signing a lease long term. You also save commuting time and expenses.

When planning your production and work area there are some factors to consider. Some are the following:

Space - This should be your first consideration in setting up your bead studio or working area. You will need enough space to move around, space for work benches, shelves, tables, tools and supplies such as glass beads and brass rhinestone beads, and all other equipment that you will need in creating bead jewelry. You should have a space where you can store all the finished products and for those that are in progress.

Production Needs - You need to consider also this factor. If you have been in the industry for quite some time, then you already have the tools, equipment and supplies that you need in producing bead jewelry. If you are a newbie in crafting jewelry, you should invest in equipment, tools and supplies. The tools may include a good set of pliers, a bead spinner or a drill. For supplies, you will need different kinds of beads, like alloy rhinestone beads or brass rhinestone beads. Any special equipment or a stock of supplies can cut down your production time, and make the process easier.

Storage - When you are planning your work shop, be sure to incorporate ample storage. This is where you will put your raw materials, tools, supplies finished items and work in progress. Consider also any dangerous chemicals or tools that has to be placed in storage containers or special racks.

Showroom / Sales Area - This is an area which should be separate from your working studio; this is where you will handle your jewelry selling. You need to first check your local laws in zoning to make sure that you can sell from your bead studio. If you are sure you can, then you can do your retailing in this area. You need not put a partition, just do not mix the use of showroom with the work area. You can make more sales if you allow your customers to see how you work; Some designers though, do not like this, saying it is a distraction and they prefer to keep the production area separate from the sales area.

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