Saturday, July 23, 2011

Polishing Your Sterling Silver Jewelry

Sterling silver jewelry will always appeal to people regardless of age and gender. This type of jewelry is available at an affordable rate and comes in so many designs that you can collect them with every budget and style.

Not only women are using this kind of jewelry. Today, even men are wearing this jewelry as a means of self expression. It's popular because it can flatter any skin tone, it's appropriate for every occasion and its classic - silver pieces don't run out of style. Plus, you can always wear them for every occasion and still look great.

Knowing how to keep your sterling silver jewelry bright is necessary for everyone who owns these kinds of trinkets. Remember, dirty sterling silver rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets can take style away from even the trendiest outfits.

One thing people should know is that they should not fret over cleaning sterling silver jewelry. They don't need to buy expensive jewelry cleaners to make them shine once more. In fact, everything you need to make them sparkle once again is found right inside your home.

Here are some useful tips that will help you clean your sterling silver pieces:

-Brush the dirt away!

Take a soft child's toothbrush and dry brush the silver jewelry. This will remove any loose surface dirt and grime. Work the brush in a small circular motion. Gently go over the entire piece, making sure the bristles reach spaces between all the stones and engravings. This is one reason why you should use a child's brush rather than an adult's. The smaller head makes it easy to maneuver the bristles into the tiny crevices of your jewelry. Remember to exert adequate pressure when brushing the jewelry.

-Rinse under clear water

Rinse the jewelry under clear water to remove other loose particles after brushing. Turn it over and under the faucet and make sure it runs through every crevice. Afterwards, shake the piece dry.

-Hold your sterling silver jewelry against the sunlight

Hold your piece up to the light and inspect it carefully. Make sure there is no leftover gunk. Turn it around and examine every inlay and stone. If it still looks dirty in any area, brush it again with a toothbrush.

-Toothpaste works wonders!

Clean the toothbrush well by rinsing it under water. Use your fingers to gently separate the bristles and remove accumulated dirt and grime. Afterwards, shake the brush dry. Squeeze a small amount of non-abrasive and non-whitening toothpaste onto the head of the brush. Brush the piece in the same circular motion you used for cleaning. Make sure you go over the piece well.

After doing this, rinse the piece under clear running water until all the toothpaste residue is gone. Once again, examine it under the light. Shake it and let the air dry the rest of the piece.

-Dry the jewelry

Take a small and soft rag and remove all water spots. The trick on how to keep the silver jewelry bright is to buff it to a shine after using this method.

Be careful when cleaning small pieces like sterling silver rings and earrings. Clean them away from the sink to avoid dropping them. If you are going to clean small pieces, do it in a table where you can easily place them in one spot.

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