Sunday, September 11, 2011

Is There Really Healing Jewelry?

For some people, the idea that some jewelry pieces have healing power and can protect its wearer may seem preposterous. However, this belief is not what the modern-day practitioners came up with. After all, talismans and amulets have been in use since the early days. And even if you do not intend to, you may have been using jewelry and are being cleansed and healed without ever knowing it.

Some kinds of gemstones used in crafting jewelry really do have healing effects. The cabochon stones, for example, are used in crystal healing. A cabochon is any gemstone cut in such a way as to form it into an oval shape with flat bottom. This shape makes the cabochon fit into any jewelry design. In healing procedure, you may either wear a jewelry with this stone, or place it in specific parts of your body. The purpose of this is to cleanse your body of negative energy for overall balance. It is believed that regular use or wearing of cabochon can heal the body of various disorders or diseases.