Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Clip On Earrings for All Occasions

Clip on earrings exist in a huge variety of styles, finishes and colours. They are a great way to accessorise your outfit no matter what the occasion. For somebody that already has pierced ears, the clip on earrings are a good solution in order to protect the ear hole. Even though it can sometimes be problematic to choose something like that, you can purchase the right pair of earrings for you.

You should first decide what kind of earrings you need for an event with some time in advance. Look at your existing collection and find out what is missing. Perhaps you need gemstones to match a special necklace, coloured earrings for a casual outfit or silver or gold earrings for all occasions. This will help you to do a list that will make you avoid buying earrings that you don't really need.

Visit a discount store or a department store where you will find a large variety of clip on earrings. They often have special display racks only for the clips, even though some of the upscale pieces will generally stay together with pierced styles. You can also check out shops that sell handcrafted clip on earrings. Look at the back of the department store, as a general rule you will find plenty of sales articles that are suitable for every occasion, including daily wearing, parties or weddings.

Try to choose a round shape rather than a flat one. It is a known fact that rounded clips are more comfortable for you and due to the design, they can easily bend for tighter feel or a looser feel. Look carefully for those with screw adjustments, because they offer the perfect fit. Magnetic closures are a good choice for a streamlined look, but make sure they are not too heavy for the magnet.

In order to protect the skin, you should purchase nickel-free earrings. Even if you don't have an open ear lobe, many metal clips may cause irritation or allergic reactions. Silver earrings are the best choice, but remember that nickel free earrings are less expensive. You must check the state of the clip on earrings before purchasing them. You should check the state of the metal, that all the gems or beads are in place and that all the pieces are matching each other.

You should always try on the earrings before you buy them and make sure you pay attention if they match with your neckline and hair style. Be sure that both clips work and they have the correct tension. The flat clip is very problematic to adjust, so look if they are not too tight. Because some earrings are built with small clips, they can slip off.

Earrings that are not comfortable at the moment you buy will be certainly be excruciating after wearing during the day. Consider buying more than one pair of earrings. In order to find a good selection, you will need some time and patience. Don't forget that you can also purchase neutral colour earrings that will be suitable for any outfit.

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