Sunday, September 11, 2011

Is There Really Healing Jewelry?

For some people, the idea that some jewelry pieces have healing power and can protect its wearer may seem preposterous. However, this belief is not what the modern-day practitioners came up with. After all, talismans and amulets have been in use since the early days. And even if you do not intend to, you may have been using jewelry and are being cleansed and healed without ever knowing it.

Some kinds of gemstones used in crafting jewelry really do have healing effects. The cabochon stones, for example, are used in crystal healing. A cabochon is any gemstone cut in such a way as to form it into an oval shape with flat bottom. This shape makes the cabochon fit into any jewelry design. In healing procedure, you may either wear a jewelry with this stone, or place it in specific parts of your body. The purpose of this is to cleanse your body of negative energy for overall balance. It is believed that regular use or wearing of cabochon can heal the body of various disorders or diseases.

Besides the cabochon, other jewelry that promote healing are called symbolic or cosmic jewelry. You can attain not only physical healing but also spiritual healing when you wear this jewelry. Cosmic jewelry, when worn, works by tuning your body to the generated frequencies by the geometric forms on the jewelry, as well as the sacred and wise words engraved in there.

Positive energy is important to the human body. It is from this positive energy that you can have peace of mind, good health and peacefulness of your spirit. There are many sources of positive energy - proper nutrition, exercise, exposure to nature, the love, respect and attention from family and friends. But if there is positive energy, there is also negative energy. You can get it in your daily life - stress, fear, disappointment, sadness, anger, hatred. You may consciously forget these feelings in a course of time, but your body stores these memories in your energy centers called the chakras. When negative energies accumulate, they can result in illness of the body and the spirit.

This is where the symbolic or cosmic jewelry can help. These kinds of jewelry aim to help you attune yourself to the power of the sacred words therein and the geometric forms, which are considered sacred by practitioners. This will then enable you to restore the balance of energy and you can flush out all the accumulated negative energy in your body.

By wearing cosmic or healing jewelry, you are actually making your mind open to the frequencies invoked by sacred forms and sacred words. You are able to attune your mind to allow the energy to flow through you and realign you. The healing process becomes even more effective and powerful if the craftsman who created the healing jewelry has the only intention to heal and to help. And also, if your goal in wearing the jewelry is to get that healing and helping that it offers.


  1. Interesting question. I just gave a friend a Mandala pendant. Wasn't actually certain if it had the healing properties it was supposed to have, but she said she felt the power as soon as she put it on. So you must be right !!

  2. Some kinds of gemstones used in crafting jewelry really do have healing effects.
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